Hello every one mine association started with drupal started a year ago when i became an intern under Marg solution.This company is too much diversified and there are the various genres in which it caries out its business.The department under which i got to work dealt a lot with open source stuff and i was lucky to get the oppurtunity to work on Drupal related projects.

Since the last few months i have not only learnt a lot about building sites using Drupal but most importantly i realised the magnanimous influence of open source community in today's world.I learnt that there is a whole large community consisting of people who are working out of their interest in order to develop this content management system.

When i learnt about this community then it kind of opened mine eyes and as a result of which i too made up a mind to start contributing to this wonderful open source project.Obviously before starting to contribute you need to learn about several tools and technologies but that also isn't a problem as some wonderful members of this community have made several tutorials which makes the task of contributing very easy.

I may assure you all who want to contribute to this open source project that there are several resources present,some of these are present on drupal main sites and other are present on various other sites description about which i will be providing in a different tutorial.

In recent few months i have tried contributing to drupal and find out the best possible way for a novice to contribute is by solving issues and try submitting patches.Since the day i came to know about this open source concept i have always wanted to contribute towards this.So here i am wanting to spread knowledge about Drupal using tutorials to teach people how they can solve an issue.So wait for my next post for diving into world of Drupal ...