GSoC2015 Week twelve and wrapping up

August 18, 2015

This post is about the progress which I have made while porting print module to Drupal 8 as part of GSoC 2015. Below is an excerpts about the work done in week twelve while work done in week eleven can be tracked over here.

The GSoC coding period is coming to end and it feels good to say that past twelve weeks have been very productive and satisfying experience for me. During the coding period I learnt about so many new things ranging from important things like usage of composer to include external dependencies, using twig templates to render content, cache usage in Drupal, third party integration in Drupal to minor things like using Asana to manage project’s progress, making use of pull requests on GitHub, writing blog and many other such things. The work involved during the coding period was very interesting and as a result I managed to maintain a streak of 69 days on GitHub(the streak is still active). I would also like to thank Drupal community for clarifying my doubts and providing me help whenever I made a noise on IRC.

During the coding period IRC channels (specifically #drupal-contribute and #drupal) and came to my rescue a lot so I would recommend any newbie to use this whenever they face any problem. I would like to say thanks to my mentors(Erik, João) from bottom of my heart who helped me in both coding and managing the project. Also I would like to say thanks to slurpee and cs_shadow who weekly used to take time out of their busy schedule and monitored the progress of the project.Since now I have worked under a mentor, I have now realized that mentoring is not an easy job since people volunteer to mentor take extra time out of there daily busy schedule. I also think that people who volunteer to mentor are amazing because they do this to show their support to open source and not because it involves some kind of monetary benefits.

Now talking about the stuff which I did this week, since most of the objectives of the project were completed last week itself so this week I spent I lot of time in cleaning up the code and doing proofreading. One more important thing which was remaining was to move the code to I managed to do this task this week and presently the printable module can be accessed over here while the pdf_api module can be accessed over here. I must say it was a very proud moment for me when I moved the code for the modules on d.o because after doing that I officially became co-maintainer of two modules on Drupal.

In coming days my objective is to add description about the module on the project page so that it may be easier for people to use the module. One more thing which I will be doing is to do more proofreading so that any remaining problems are rectified. Since managing and doing review of the project present on GitHub is more easier compared to d.o hence in coming days more active development of the module will be taking place on former and the newly introduced changes will eventually be committed to

The printable module can be accessed by visiting this link and pdf_api module can be accessed by visiting this link.

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